Merlo Rotating Telehandler

Mechanical Tree Removal

We use a range of specialised mechanical equipment to safely remove your tree.

Merlo Rotating Telehandler (ROTO 50.30 S-PLUS)

• Capable of 5000kg lift, for a maximum lift height of 29.35m.
• Can be operated with multiple attachment to undertake all aspects of arboriculture including the CS750.
• Woodcracker, MEWP Basket & Crane head.

Merlo Rotating Telehandler (ROTO 50.30 S-PLUS)

WesttechCS750 Woodcracker & Grapple Saw

• Safe removal of trees in several parts.
• Problematic tree felling in urban & residential areas.
• Felling of dangerous trees.
• Grapple Saw capable of cutting up to 750mm diameter trees.

Mobile Elevating Working Platform (MEWP):

• A two person working platform.
• Used for the dismantling/removal of dangerous trees without the risk of climbing.

Mobile Elevating Working Platform (MEWP):

Crane Head:

• Utilised to undertake crane operations during safe tree removal & dismantling.
• 5000kg lifting capacity.
• With suitably qualified personnel we are able to carry out contract lift operations.

Winch Head

24/7 Emergency Help

If you’re in need of urgent help, we can offer immediate assistance. We offer three levels of priority.


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