Our Services

Mechnical Tree Removal

Merlo Rotating Telehandler

We use a range of specialised mechanical equipment to safely remove your tree.

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Tree Pruning

NPC Tree pruning service

Tree pruning is the removal or reduction of parts of the tree whether they be diseased, dying, potentially dangerous, or simply healthy branches that are removed for cosmetic reasons.

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Tree Felling

NPC tree felling service

Occasionally, it is necessary to completely remove a tree or section, usually referred to as ‘felling’.

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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding service machine

A stump is often left sticking above ground level when a tree is removed.

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NPC Tree Surgery Deadwood Service

Dead branches on a tree can indicate disease, damage or old age, and may attract insects or decay organisms. The removal of dead branches, known as dead wooding, tidies the appearance of a tree, and prevents those branches from unexpectedly falling on a house or a person.

Hedge Trimming / Cutting

NPC Tree Surgery Hedge Trimming / CuttingService

A hedge is created by growing a series of plants closely together and trimming them regularly to stimulate growth and maintain a particular shape, and is often used as a living fence or boundary.

We can help tidy and maintain your existing hedge or provide advice about how to establish a new one.


Tree Planting

Replacing a tree is often a condition of consent when a tree is removed that was subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) or was within a conservation area (CA).

Our professional arborists are trained in planting various size trees from whips for hedging to individual heavy standard trees.

24/7 Emergency Help

If you’re in need of urgent help, we can offer immediate assistance. We offer three levels of priority.


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